International Zeolite Announces Landmark Negotiation

International Zeolite Corp. Press Release / January 29, 2021

International Zeolite, a Canadian company is in discussion with the University of Havana Foundation and GEOMINERA S.A. / Photo:

Discussions between Zeolite, Geominera S.A. and the University of Havana (Foundation) focused on a Cuban product, NEREA® for use as fertilizer.

Company director Mark Pearlman represented IZC. The negotiations were result of the culmination of month of planning. The purpose of the meeting was to conclude on three major agreements, formalize working teams, and garner a better understanding of the NEREA® products that Cuba has developed over the last 20 years.

The parties held conversations focused on developing projects aimed at creating an International Economic Association, for production, technology transfer, marketing and distribution of NEREA® products in the Canadian market, subject to the rules that regulate foreign investments of the Republic of Cuba. Carlos Luis Jorge Mendez, the General Director for Foreign Investment in Cuba reiterated that IZC would have full support and is very hopeful about the project.

What is NEREA®?

NEREA® zeoponic technology has proven to produce higher yields of crops by 20-30%, a higher quality of product, uses less water by 30% and has lower plant infection by fungus, viruses and microorganisms. NEREA® substrates are enviromentally friendly and do not produce wastes that damage the enviroment.

Mr. Pearlman commented, “one of the highlights of the Cuba trip was to the NEREA® experimental farm. to date, I have reviewd several documents and studies showing the benefits of NEREA®, however as de cliché goes, “seeing is believing”.

UH and Geominera have assigned senir leaders to form a team to conduct work associated with the contracts and agreements. IZC is currently assembling a high-level team to move the project forward. The IZC team and timelines will be announced over the coming weeks.

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