Americans and Cubans Against the Embargo – Now is the Time!

By Manuel Tejeda, MD / January 27, 2021

Americans and Cubans Against the Embargo - Now is the Time!

The situation of the embargo on Cuba

Year after year the United Nations General Assembly casts an almost unanimous vote (with the exception of the US, Israel, now Brazil and the abstention of Ukraine) condemning the blockade / embargo and demanding its lifting. Every year more voices are heard in the world, even within the United States, demanding the same thing.

The Obama Administration threw everything back. At this time we all have our eyes on the policy that Biden and Kamala will carry with respect to Cuba and the leader of a powerful Congressional Committee is asking the new President to ” Restore and Repair Relations Between the US and Cuba .”achieved the reestablishment of diplomatic relations and a certain relaxation of tensions and prohibitions, while the Trump Administration

Moved by the same low and unscrupulous interests as always, the Miami extreme right, coordinated by the “Cuban” -american congressmen Marco RubioDíaz-BalartMaría Elvira and Carlos Jimenez , with the full support of Channel 41 ( América TV , and in particular of the programs presented by Juan Manuel Cao), they are moving rapidly and by all possible means to prevent the improvement of relations with Cuba by Biden , trying to obtain the support of Bob Menéndez , the Cuban American and Democrat highest ranking in the mighty (and very to the point) Senate Foreign Relations Committee, claiming to show that:

1) the changes of the Obama era did not produce anything positive on the island, and that

2) maintaining the Embargo/Blockade of Cuba is in the best interest of the Cuban people.

The Need for a Coalition of All Against the Embargo

Our only option is to counter with an even stronger campaign by dismantling those two arguments, turning them the other way around and making them work in our favor.

We must also mobilize American public opinion , mainly Americans whose first language is English (whites of diverse origins, African Americans, Asian Americans and Latinos), against the embargo, making them speak out and support us in this contest that we must consider. In the end, for once and for all to dismantle what is causing so much damage to our people.

A lot of people are doing a lot of things against the embargo / blockade, but they are done in isolation, by individual people or groups. In recent days, we have been coordinating with various well-known personalities on social networks and very identified with the cause of the Cuban people, and there is an almost total coincidence with the need to (without stopping each one from doing what they are already doing and of belonging to the Group or organization that belongs and promotes) implement a Coalition, which gives a unifying context to this necessary and noble endeavor.

This is how the idea of creating the “American Coalition Against the Embargo on Cuba” – ACAE ( American Coalition Against the Embargo a Cuba), a name that plays with the word “American“, which in a sense means “American” and in the another “American“, to make it more inclusive and extend it to Cubans and friends of Cuba from all over the world.

The ACAE has been created on Facebook and can be found here, and it is necessary for everyone who feels and suffers for this great cause to visit it, “LIKE” it, and invite all their friends to do the same ( whatever nationality they are) as it is the one that we will use to disseminate everything that each organization, each group or each individual is doing for their part against the embargo. Let us be sure that “With the ACAE the embargo falls “.

The ACAE has formed a Group called “Americans and Cubans Against the Embargo” to which it is necessary for EVERYONE TO JOIN by clicking here, to express our disagreement with the embargo and to begin the Campaign that we will explain below.

If the usual thugs begin to report the page and the group and Facebook should block us, we will also open the Group in ProgreCit , the new social network that is similar (a little more modest) to Facebook, but exclusively for progressives, where not we will have no type of censorship.

The Campaign Directed to Biden

To make enough noise very quickly, we have to start with a strong campaign that makes itself felt and incorporates a lot of people. The idea is that each person who is against the embargo on Cuba, wherever they are and whatever nationality they may be (although we have to place a lot of emphasis on Cubans from the island and the US, as well as US citizens) take a photo and upload it to the group NOT TO THE PAGE created, but to the GROUP ), holding a sign in hand that has exactly this simple, but powerful message in English:

“Mr. Biden, Please, End The Embargo on Cuba “

Mr. Biden, Please End the Embargo to Cuba) followed by the city, province or state and country of the place where the person lives. Similar to this photo , which is that of my mother from Cuba, who at 87 is more than ready to support the effort.

To generate IDENTITY , REMEMBER and greater IMPACT of the campaign it is necessary that all the posters say EXACTLY THE SAME , except for the city and country; and not to add slogans or slogans that may sound very good in another context, but not here. It is also very important to promote this campaign from person to person, as a truly people’s initiative, without the interference of any political or governmental organization, which can then be used by the “forgetful” to misrepresent the origin and purpose of this effort.

And here is mine, notice how the city and the country have already changed below:

Another Important Action

Next Sunday, January 31, 2021, from the four corners of the United States, Car and Bicycle Caravans will take place. This event will be organized and sponsored by the Cuban Protestón ( Jorge Medina ) and Puentes de Amor ( Carlos Lazo , who will come to Miami especially for this occasion) as well as by the influencers Yadira Escobar , QueenVega , Angela Maria Callis Vicente  ( The Cuban little flower ), El Invicto ( Roberto García ), Pellizcand o ( Liber Barrueta ), Felipe , from Guateque LightEl Mambby ( Emilio Juarez Amoros ), Yosbani ( Deloquepicaelpollo ), Evelio Ocho Cuba and other Youtubers, personalities and organizations. It is necessary that everyone who can join in, as the massiveness of the Event is what shows the support of the Cubans for it.

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Manuel Tejeda, is the Chief editor of El Diario Latinoamericano and of ProgreCit. Expert in Online Marketing , SEO and Web Design. Born in Camaguey, Cuba. Live in Miami, Florida/USA.

Editors notice: The opinions presented in this article are responsibility of its author(s), not of this website editors.

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