American actor Tyrese Gibson asks Biden to end the blockade of Cuba

January 26, 2021

American actor Tyrese Gibson is another of the personalities who has recently joined the calls for President Joe Biden to adopt a favorable stance towards Cuba.

American singer and actor Tyrese Gibson / Instagram

The message, released through his account on the Instagram social network, says: “Can we please lift this embargo in and around ALL THINGS CUBA??????? We wanna openly get this energy going ASAP!!!”

In the letter, the also model and singer, known among other works for his participation in the installments of Fast and Furius, showed his sympathy for the island under exclamation marks WE LOVE CUBA!!!!!!!!! At the same time he described the blockade also as racist aggresion.

The message highlights the rapprochement that occurred between the two nations during the Obama Administration as one of the greatest achievements of the former president, but recalls that unfortunately former President Donald Trump (“the orange man”) arrived and “killed the dream.”

The humor that characterizes the interpreter of the character called Roman in the Fast and Furious saga is evident from the beginning of his request: “Pass me one of those Cuban cigars!”

Tyrese also took the opportunity to comment to President Biden that he is a proud voter of the Biden-Harris formula and that he has good thoughts (“love and light always”) for them.

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