From the Social and Economic (ECOSOG) Organization of the United Nations: Chronicle of an anticipated defeat

By José R. Oro /  October 17, 2018

Cuban diplomats at the UN show the real violations of human rights by the US erected as accusers hidden behind the UN flag. Photo: AFP.

Without bullets left in the infamous plot of the supposed “sonic attacks”. Nobody believes them. The visit of the President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel, despite the conspiracy of silence that was tried to organize, was a total success, supported by thousands of people, ranging from heads of state and high political figures, businessmen, Robert de Niro along with dozens of artistic figures, even countless people in the Riverside Church and in the Permanent Mission of Cuba to accompany him, there or at the zero point of the terror of September 11, wherever.

On October 31, they will suffer a tremendous defeat in the world vote against the cruel blockade in the United Nations itself, extremely humiliating, in which even many allies of the United States will recognize the illegality of such a monstrous aggression. And they know it well.

In these circumstances, the administration of President Donald Trump was forced to look for a new formula to attack Cuba, and since they did not find it, they were forced to resort to a file already used and undone on countless occasions, human rights and alleged “political” prisoners in Cuba.

I must say that it is unusual—and in my view completely irregular—to use the United Nations (UN) for an impromptu meeting, under the auspices of the world organization. Very interesting, the meeting should have been classified as “unofficial”.

Without much hope of obtaining a visitor’s pass, I applied for it on Monday at the US Mission to the UN, the organizing country of the anti-Cuban act. To my surprise they gave it to me. Neither short nor lazy, on Tuesday morning I took the train to New York City. There are six or seven blocks from the city’s Central Station on 42nd Street, between Park and Lexington avenues, to the US headquarters in front of the UN, which is not difficult to walk on a cool fall day. They gave me my visitor’s pass after identifying myself. I asked to register a question but they required me to present accreditation as a journalist. They denied me.

Minutes later, a group of about 20 people crossed First Avenue to enter the always impressive United Nations complex. After passing the security protocols, we were taken to the upper part of the room, the low and middle seating sections were reserved for the diplomatic service and the accredited press.

That’s where the surprises began. First, a 40 minute delay; Outside the room there was a lot of noise, at that time we were about 40 people sitting in the room, including the organizers. Inside the room there was also an uproar between a photojournalist and two people, I could never know the cause or who were involved. Then, the people outside began to enter. Minutes later the event started.

Who was part of the organizers’ table?

  • Ambassador Kelley E. Currie, US representative to the UN Economic and Social Council, who said the introductory remarks;
  • Michael G. Kozak, Senior Officer of the State Department for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, who led the way throughout the aggressive session;
  • Carlos Quesada, who was introduced as director of the Institute of Civil Society for Human Rights, spoke in English with great emphasis on the Laws of Cuba, discussing the term “desacato” and others;
  • Luis Almagro, the despicable Secretary General of the OAS, who spoke in Spanish dedicating his vitriol to both Cuba and Venezuela and accusing the Island of directing the security organs of the sister country, attacking the Bolivarian Republic;
  • And two counterrevolutionaries, one of them sitting at the table next to Carlos Quesada.

Since the beginning of the event, the slogans of “Cuba yes, Bloqueo no!” Were heard, protested by Cuban diplomats of all ranks, not a few nationals and other Latin Americans – even diplomatic officials – who practically made it impossible to listen to the speakers who they railed against Cuba.

It was not only noise, it was a strong protest with arguments, with enlarged photos of the police abuses, of the torture of prisoners in Abu Ghraib and in Guantánamo. Many displays of American brutality and disrespect for human rights were raised there to make it clear that this was a hypocritical farce.

Both Kelley E. Currie and Michael G. Kozak – whom he would call the head of the anti-Cuban operation – constantly threatened to call security to vacate the room. They said: “See this is an example of how much freedom of expression is loved in Cuba” and “if this is at the UN, imagine what awaits those who dare to protest in Cuba”, ridiculous expletives of that nature. But no threat was going to stop the protest.

Then Luis Almagro took the floor, said many things, all false. He emphasized that in Cuba there is a “brutal repression directed against dissident women” and that a Venezuelan “political express” told him that he had been tortured in Venezuela in an institution controlled by Cubans, that now the Venezuelan government was going to the ” defenestration ”as a new method of political assassinations, and a lot of other nonsense, it really is annoying to listen to, because he says very serious – and false – things smiling, with extreme cynicism. The boo was terrific and raucous.

Then the Cuban counterrevolutionary spoke, with an extemporaneous script, mentioning above all people who were imprisoned in the 1960s, mentioning some alleged cases of mistreatment and political imprisonment in Cuba, under the cries of “That’s it! false! ”,“ They are paid from Florida! ” In the midst of a good uproar of protest, the “speaker” barely managed to make himself heard, let’s not talk about “making himself heard”, as Professor Néstor del Prado would say .

Next, a woman with an impressive hairstyle, excessive makeup and elegant dress appeared on the screen, presenting “evidence” of violation of human rights and the story of the “martyrdom” of her brother in Cuba. Her so groomed was evidence that she had only been mistreated at the hairdresser. Another victim of political manipulation, at least, that was the impression I got.

My neighbors in the row where I sat, in the center garden of the living room, were annoyed by my shouting and chanting slogans. I don’t blame them, they don’t know everything that is at stake for Cubans. But when I left I decided not to apologize for my loud noise, because the Cubans and Latinos who were there had our very deep reasons to protest and fight.

Ambassador Kozak said he was suspending the question and answer round because protests against the anti-Cuban show prevented it. But he was not leaving, to see if the Protestants would tire. A few minutes later, the defenders of Cuba continued to fight back this open provocation and attack against the sovereign country. Kozak took some advice and ended the session.

Cuba does not give up. This Tuesday she bravely confronted those who hid behind the UN colors to attack her.

The UN rejects violence and aggression, but the US of Donald Trump uses it at will. Photo: UN News.

Summing up my impressions:

  1. The UN is being used for open and illegal meddling in the internal affairs of a country that is the founder of that organization. It is done by another member country where massive human rights violations have accumulated, savage torture of prisoners, police killings of minorities, massacres in schools, where there are more than 200 million firearms in the streets. And to top it all, he has announced his abandonment of the Human Rights Committee of the UN itself!
  2. The participation of Luis Almagro, Secretary General of an organization to which Cuba does not belong and who, in addition to aggravating Cuba, wanted to connect this alleged “case of human rights.” with the situation in Venezuela, really degrading. I insist on his cynical expression and smile.
  3. Everything else was more of the same.
  4. The support for Cuba facing this conspiracy was tremendous, in fact the act had to be suspended, without questions or answers. It started late, ended ahead of schedule and sent a clear message: Cuba and its defenders do not lower their arms and will not allow it to be attacked with impunity.
  5. Many of the other people who were witnessing the event said that October 31, when the Blockade is condemned again, will be the end of this outburst by the US pretending to use the UN as a shield against Cuba.

As is ostensible, this umpteenth repetition of the mendacious denunciations against Cuba for human rights violations will not be able to hide the failure of the “sonic attacks”, nor diminish the triumph of President Díaz-Canel in New York and, of course They will not be able to change the vote overwhelmingly against the blockade in just two weeks.

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José R. Oro is a BCs in Geological Engineering, graduated Summa Cum Laude in University of Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

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