Carlos Lazo and Cuban residents in the U.S. arrive at the White House to demand an end to the blockade

By Jorge Ruiz Miyares / August 6, 2020

Carlos Lazo and a group of Cubans residing in the United States arrived at the White House to build “Bridges of Love” between Cuba and the North American nation. Photo: Carlos Lazo / Facebook

Washington, August 6 (RHC) — After riding more than 5,000 kilometers on a bicycle for almost a month, Cuban American teacher Carlos Lazo and a group of Cubans living in the United States arrived at Washington D.C. to the demand the lifting of the U.S. Blockade.

Minutes after arriving in front of the White House, Lazo told a local media outlet:

“We are very tired, but at the same time, we are very gratified because we talked to elected officials, democrats and republicans, especially about the need of creating bridges of love between the two countries, especially at this time of coronavirus, and the need to lift economic sanctions against Cuba. Human considerations should be a priority over political considerations”.

On a FaceBook live-streamed in front of the White House, Lazo thanked Cubans from all corners of the world who encouraged him during his trek, and he vowed not to stop demanding that the Cuban people not be suffocated.

In a Tweet, he conveyed to Donald Trump his willingness to meet him to speak about his group’s experiences during the biking, where they met people from all ideological creeds who agreed with the lifting on the sanctions on Cuba. Lazo and his is expected to stay in Washington for two days to spread their message.

Jorge Ruiz Miyares is a journalist for Radio Habana-Cuba.

Editors notice: The opinions presented in this article are responsibility of its author(s), not of this website editors.

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